Strasburg HS Girls Golf Team Needs Our Help!

A few of the girls on the team at a recent fundraising dinner along with Shawn Jardine of Diva Golf

A few of the girls on the team at a recent fundraising dinner along with Shawn Jardine of Diva Golf

I was recently contacted by Eric Gilbert, coach of the Strasburg High School Girls Golf team in Strasburg, CO. Eric was wondering if I had a way to help his team of 16 girls achieve their goal of having a golf team for the 2013 season. He and I have been brainstorming about ways to help the girls.

In early February of this year I was promoting my group at the Golf Fest Show in Mesa, AZ. A man named Casey Jones of Phoenix stopped by to chat with me. He mentioned in a random way that he had an eBay business selling golf clubs. ?Interesting,? I said. ?Tell me more.? ?He explained that he sold used golf equipment online and loved what he did. Then he told me how he loves to give away golf equipment to kids who need them so they can start learning the game of golf. ?Very interesting? I said. Then I asked him if by chance he would consider giving sixteen sets of clubs to a team of high school girls in eastern Colorado. His response was instant. ?Of course I can do that.? He gave me his address and after the show was over my sister (we call her ?Lil Diva) and I drove out to his house/business to pick up the clubs. We then proceeded to load up my SUV with 16 full sets of golf clubs. It was an interesting drive back to Colorado with the rattle of all of that metal dinging as we drove up the highway but we were super excited to deliver them to the girls in Strasburg.

A few days later I was able to attend a Valentine?s Day fundraiser for the team in Strasburg and present them with the clubs. It was really heartwarming to see the gratitude and excitement that the team showed when I pulled up and unloaded all of those clubs for them. Having the equipment is the first step in getting this team up and playing this year. They don?t have enough time to hold a bunch of spaghetti suppers and pancake breakfasts to raise funds!

Bottom line here Divas is that these girls need help and they need it fast. So far we have found them clubs and other random things like some free training sessions but they really need cold hard cash to pay for golf shirts, practice time, driving range time and tournament entry fees. A small town can only have so many fundraisers before they are tapped out!? It will take approximately $5200 to get this team of 16 up and running for this season. It would be great if lots and lots of people could each just donate a tiny little amount toward this goal. Actually if we do the simple math, it equates to 260 people each giving only $20! This shouldn?t be that difficult to achieve! Contact us to find out how you can give. Then the team will receive the funds and be on their way to a great season! We will be posting updates on their efforts as time goes by. These girls are the future of golf! We need more women to be playing the game and this is exactly where we need to start.