Product Review: True Linkswear Golf Shoes

TRUELinkswear Women's Isis ShoesMost of you who have played a round with me know how much I complain about my feet hurting. I made the mistake last year of choosing a pair of golf shoes based on “cuteness” instead of comfort and performance. Bad decision! A few months ago I was at the Golf Fest Show in Mesa and met the guys from True Linkswear. I watched them talking to hundreds of golfers over the course of the weekend event (their booth was next to the Diva Golf booth) and could not get over how excited people were about these shoes. I heard comments like “I already own three pairs” or “these are the most comfortable shoes ever.”? I had never heard of this company and had to know more. I talked with the reps and was impressed! They knew their shoes and were passionate about them. I asked them to send me a pair to just try out and see what I thought.

The shoes arrived recently and I had a chance to try them out while playing the Eisenhower Golf Course at the Air Force Academy in Colorado. This is a beautiful course but has lots of hilly spots if you play like I do and have to walk all over looking for the ball.? What a great place to test out the shoes. The pair that I chose are called Isis. The body of the shoe is white and the stripes are the Proseco or tan color. This will work with most of my golf clothing. I’m not one to own multiple pairs of golf shoes just yet so neutrality is important to me. I do see on the True Linkswear web site that they offer several different options for women. Some look more like sneakers than golf shoes and I like that idea. I’ve always thought that most womens golf shoes looked hard and uncomfortable–maybe a bit like old men’s dress shoes sized down for ladies. Yuck! These shoes are different!

The shoes have a traction type of sole with little bumps to help keep you from slipping but they are not too big that you can’t wear the shoes in the clubhouse.? They felt very stable when I had to hike around the snowy hillside to look for my ball but also were fine walking in the parking lot to get to my car. The sole is pretty thin for a reason. The designers want you to feel the course in a natural way. I think that is part of the comfort equation for these shoes. They felt very stable but not confining. They moved with my foot but didn’t slip like my old ones do.

This shoe is made to allow for a wider footbed. I have pretty wide feet and they felt great. Lots of other golf shoes I’ve tried on feel a bit narrow and I think that’s why my feet hurt by the fourth hole! I played 9 holes in these True Linkswear shoes and never gave my feet a thought. My ego was hurting that day but my feet felt great!

Bottom line here is this: I love these shoes! They are super comfy but give great support on the course. They don’t look geeky and go with everything. If you are looking for comfort and looks, check these out. They are sold on the True Linkswear website?or at the PGA Superstore or Golfsmith. Retail price is $99.00 Your feet will certainly thank you for it!