Golfers End Up In Hospital After Fight About Rules

A few weeks ago there was a story online about two men who ended up in the hospital after an argument on the golf course. Really? Yes, really! According to the article ” they became embroiled in a heated debate over the rules of golf, specifically regarding ?water, on the 5th hole.” I want to say I can’t believe this but?unfortunately I can. This is the reason we play Diva Golf. The rules of the game are there and are important when playing in a tournament or special game. In my opinion, the rules don’t matter much to me when I’m just playing for fun. The fact that so many people take this so seriously is an indicator of why the game and the industry is in serious trouble.

The rule police often take the fun out of the game. If I’m playing in a foursome with strangers, it makes me very nervous to have someone telling me first of all that I even have to keep score. I’m out there for fun. My scores are high and frankly some days I just don’t want to think about it. If my ball goes in the water I’m ok with that. No need to worry about how many strokes to add. I don’t want these people to know that lots of times when we are having a Diva Golf event we just skip the water shot altogether and head across the way to take a drop. They would be deeply offended I’m sure but guess what–nobody cares!

There are plenty of weekly ladies golf leagues where the players are competitive and really aggressive about the rules of golf. Good for them. If that is how they want to play I’m ok with that. I just won’t choose to play with them. I’d rather have fun, skip the water and learn more about the ladies I’m playing with. We are to busy having fun to care about how many strokes to take off when the ball lands in the water.