Tampa Golf Fitness with Brianne Murphy @ Golfer's Grail

Wednesday April 10, 2013 – Wednesday April 10, 2013 Carollwood Center (next to Publix) Map and Directions | Register Description: Golf Fitness with Brianne Murphy Brianne Murphy CHALLENGES you to bring all of your doubts and concerns to her and she will show you how to take strokes off your game as well as hit the ball farther with just … Read More

Product Review: True Linkswear Golf Shoes

Most of you who have played a round with me know how much I complain about my feet hurting. I made the mistake last year of choosing a pair of golf shoes based on “cuteness” instead of comfort and performance. Bad decision! A few months ago I was at the Golf Fest Show in Mesa and met the guys from … Read More

Strasburg High School Girls Get Ready To Play

Things are moving fast for the girls golf team at Strasburg High School east of Denver! Despite the recent snow storms, the team is outside practicing their swings! We are still helping the team try to raise funds for their first season. Feel free to donate by clicking the button below. We want to see these 16 girls learn the … Read More

Strasburg HS Girls Golf Team Needs Our Help!

I was recently contacted by Eric Gilbert, coach of the Strasburg High School Girls Golf team in Strasburg, CO. Eric was wondering if I had a way to help his team of 16 girls achieve their goal of having a golf team for the 2013 season. He and I have been brainstorming about ways to help the girls. In early … Read More

Tampa 9 & Wine at Northdale Golf Club

Wednesday March 26, 2014 – Wednesday March 26, 2014 4417 Northdale Blvd Map and Directions | Register Description: Kick off the 2013 Diva Golf season with 9 holes of golf, cart and glass of wine, beer or soft drink!? Opened in the late 1970’s with a Ron Garl design that stayed true to the natural beauty of this former dairy … Read More

Driving Range Night Meet & Greet

Monday March 18, 2013 – Monday March 18, 2013 2508 N. Lakeview Map and Directions | Register Description: Join us as we meet the newest Divas in Tampa! This is an informal event at the Tampa Golf Range?on Monday March 18th. This is our first ever event in the Tampa area and we are excited to meet all of you! … Read More

Product Review: Madcapz

I just got a shimmery pink baseball cap from Madcapz! I tore into the box and found the cap nicely wrapped in purple tissue. Any time I find a box in my mailbox I get excited but this made it even better. ?This company obviously knows how to go the extra mile with little things like packaging. My cap came … Read More

What Are Your New Year’s Golf Resolutions?

Here are our Top 10 easy to keep golf resolutions: 1. Practice, practice, practice. Spending more time at the range or with a teaching pro is the only way to see major improvements! 2. Increase strength and flexibility. Hire a personal trainer or just do a Google search for ?Golf Exercises? . View YouTube videos to see how to do … Read More

Simple Golf Rules

Rules about the type of game you are playing Stroke play: whoever needs the fewest number of strokes to finish the entire round, wins. Match play: is played hole by hole. The player who finishes a hole in the fewest amount of strokes, wins the hole. The player who wins the most holes, wins the match.   Rules about your … Read More

9 & Wine Starfire Golf Club

Wednesday November 6, 2013 – Wednesday November 6, 2013 11500 North Hayden Road Map and Directions | Register Description: ? Starfire Golf Club is located in north central Scottsdale and offers beautiful views of the McDowell Mountains. The course is a hidden gem in Scottsdale and offers 27 holes lined with many mature eucalyptus, pine and cottonwood trees. The “King” … Read More