Product Review: Know Your Golf Rules Tags

cards2 cards3?I love these little tags! Most of The Divas are not concerned with following the rules of anything much less golf but outside of Diva Golf events, the rules should be followed. Some hard core rule followers might carry an official rule book with them but that is too much trouble!

I was sent a set of these tags by the owner of Know Your Golf Rules and I have to say that they are perfect for a golfer like me.? They are made of a laminate plastic and are about the size of a credit card. Small enough to not get in the way but big enough that I can read the print on them.The tags come on a thin circular holder so that they can easily be fastened to your golf bag. This is a great way to peek when you are unsure of what to do in certain situations. There are six tags in this set with a photo on one side and several basic rules on the back.? For example, on the “Other Rules” tag it notes that a lost ball must be replayed from original shot location (stroke & distance) with a 1 stroke penalty.

I have these tags hooked onto my bag now for days when I am playing with non-Diva’s. This way I can easily peek at them without having to dig in my bag for a rule book. They are quick, easy to read and non-threatening! For newer players they offer a few basics at a glance and for more experienced golfers, a good refresher when needed. They will also solve?questions over simple things that we sometimes forget.

These little tags make great gifts for the golfers in your life! My two sons play golf and I’ve run out of things to put in their Christmas stockings. Every year I get them same things–balls, tees, etc. This will solve at least part of that problem. They cost $6.95 per set and can be ordered on the Know Your Golf Rules website by clicking here.