Cherokee Ridge Golf Course

Cherokee Ridge is a course with a low-key, low stress atmosphere. This is a great place for beginning golfers to play a round on the 9 hole par 3 course.  No tee time reservations are required for that course.  The 18 hole course offers  more of a challenge but is still quick to play and offers great mountain views.

Current Rates 2012                                  9 hole                            18 hole

Daily                                                               $13.50                          $27.00

Par 3                                                               $9.00

Pull Carts                                                       $3                                    $5

Gas Carts                                                       $14                                  $28

Rental Clubs                                                                       $6

There is a small grill/snackbar area for refreshment before or after a game.

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The course is arranged in a compact fashion making it quick to play. I like the course because it has zero snob appeal! It’s just a fun place to go and hit the ball!

Located at 1850 tuskagee Pl, Colorado Springs CO 80915  719-597-2637